SweatStop® Antiperspirant - Stronger than a Deo

SweatStop® Antiperspirant Ė Not a Deo

Interestingly, in lots of countries the difference between an antiperspirant and a deo is not really known. Whereas in Great Britain the difference is common knowledge, in central Europe clarification is often required. Deo

What is the difference between a Deo and an Antiperspirant?

A Deo influences body odor by fighting the bacteria producing the odor. It is usually applied in the mornings. An antiperspirant on the other hand, narrows down the sweat glands and thus considerably reduces perspiration. It is usually applied before going to bed on dry and clean skin. Most deo manufacturers offer a mix of these two types of products. This deo antiperspirant product can reduce the perspiration. A major problem is the fact that when applied in the morning (like a deo), an antiperspirant it is not able to unfold its effect. Thus people used to the application of a deo in the mornings will be disappointed when there is no effect. As a consequence they stop using such products. It is very unfotunate if people donít experience relief, especially when itís due to a lack of knowledge of how to apply the product.

What are the Advantages of a Deo?

People with serious sweating problems need to apply an antiperspirant based on aluminium salts in the evening. Additionally, they can apply a deo which ensures a fresh body odor. In this way the effect of freshness can last the whole day. Most persons suffering from excessive sweating use a deo and an antiperspirant in combination.

Sweat Stop® - Stronger than a Deo!

SweatStop® offers a unique range of antiperspirants. Therefore, it is assured that there is a proper product for every individual need. No matter which part of the body, no matter what to extent the sweating problem is prevalent, SweatStop® has an appropriate antiperspirant. There are products against facial and underarm sweating or sweating on the back. Even if you are suffering from hands sweating there is a solution for you.

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