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Customer satisfaction: 98.23%

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Customer, United Kingdom
Both myself have suffered with excess underarm sweating for years. We have tried everything on the market. The only one so far that had worked was dryclor but it made us very itchy. Tried sweats too over this summer and it"s absolutely brilliant without the itching. After applying it three days it worked and never stopped working since. We had a holiday to the USA with temps of 120 and still continued to work. Deffinately would recommend it 100%

Customer, United Kingdom
Excellent products. Am very satisfied and happy this summer. No worries of drenching my dresses with sweat any more! Thanks.

Customer, Switzerland
Products are excellent, ordering process is easy, but above all I have to mention the quality of the assistance provided by the contact persons (especially Mr. Brice Ulich).

Customer, Italy
Very good :-)

Customer, Italy
Very good, kindness and clear.

Customer, Italy
Good evening! I have started to use tha antitraspirant and I have seen the difference in 3 days! Thank you so much!

Customer, Italy
Thank you so much I have used Swear Stop for 2 weeks and I see the difference! I like very much this product!

Customer, New Zealand

I just wanted to say a big thank-you, finally a product that works. I have tried every lotion, pill, tea, spray, doctor prescribed antiperspirant, you name it I"ve tried it, they all claimed to work and they all failed miserably, and cost me $$$.

This product is amazing (Forte max), first time I used it, it worked, every day since, it worked. Don"t waste your time and money with other product"s, come here buy the product, stop sweating, it"s really that easy.


Customer, United Kingdom
Very good product, works for me. Amazing results just after 3 days.

Customer, United Kingdom
I"ve been looking for years for a product that works for me as I am allergic to other spray on deoderants and the other role ons weren"t effective.
This product definitely works for me it"s brilliant. I went to the doctors to try and get a product that worked without bringing me out in a painful rash and they couldn"t help so I found and tried this myself.
It does cast a little more but the 50ml bottle I bought lasted me 5 months!!
Well done everyone at this company. A fantastic product which has improved my life no end. This is the first time I have taken the time to sit and write about how great a product is and probably the last. It"s good to see there are some people out there doing things right.
PS Why is it not in the shops like Boots Chemists in UK?
I spent years working my way through the shelves of this chemist trying to find something that works. Your product would be ideal here...

Customer, Italy
After only two application I" ve been very impressed...it works great! I"ve tried several antiperspirants but no one worked like Sweat stop! I"ll surely buy more!

Customer, United States of America
im very impressed

Customer, France
I bought a SweatStop spray a few days ago and I am totally impressed by the results I obtained after even just one application. I am using it mainly for my armpits and chest, which tend to be sweaty very quickly.

Customer, United Kingdom
Love this product. No afraid to raise my arms no more. Thank you

Customer, Singapore
I recently purcased your product and it is excellent, I live in Singapore and wear a suit for work, until I used your product my shirts and suits would be drenched when I got home, now dry as a bone! It's rare to purchase a product that does what it claims to, Sweatstop does! Well done

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