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Customer satisfaction: 98.23%

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Customer, United States of America
Cant live without it .. Thanks to my sister who visit me from Germany I found out about this ... Sin
ce that I told a lot of people about this and when they see me they tell me Thanks for telling us ab
out SweatStop

Customer, Azerbaijan
thanks a lot for your work, really fantanstic products and amazingly effective. At last Ive got my feeling of being at ease with myself and regain my true identity due to your great work.
Dear Sweat-Stop Team, thanks for your great efforts to reach world around you and to bring freedom with your products

Customer, Mexico
Thank you very much, your products and service are great, I will continue using them? no doubt

Best regards.

Customer, Austria
great product

Customer, Australia
Love your Product! It is the only true one that offers help!!!!

Customer, France
Just a note to say that the SweatStop 13 is incredible. The first product that EVER stopped me from sweating, and one application lasts about 5 days. I was amazed the first time I used it - immediate effect right from the next morning.
Thank you for the relief it provides.
Best regards,

Customer, United States of America
Dear Sweat-Stop, thank you! I can truly say this product works!!! I have been suffering with hyperhidrosis for many years, I was consider one of the worst cases that doctors have seen. In early 2000 I had the surgey done for my hands and armpit, the surgey was sucefull for stoping my hands & armpits from sweating. But it was terrible for the rest of my body, now instead of my hands & armpits, my entire body would sweat from right under my chest down to my ankles. The doctors couldn't stop the sweat, now my condition was even wosrt, I've tried every product & medication nothing would work, THE DOCTORS TOLD ME THIER IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO FOR ME . My life & my social life was terrible, I gave up hope of living a normal life without the embarrement of my entire body sweating. Then one day I came across your product (thank you Jesus) and I am proud to say I have been sweat free for the last four months since I been using your product!!! the "Aloe vera forte plus " has been a mircale in a bottle for me. Now at 35years old I go to work and DATES with confidents. Once again thank you so much.
For my fellow peolpe out there that suffer from HYPERHIDROSIS, this product is the REAL DEAL!!!!!

Customer, Mexico
Hello! Thank you for your concern on my order! I was having trouble with my credit card and I couldnt place the order right away when I registered as a member, but now I just placed my order. I just want to say thank you for your products, they REALLY changed my life and I am so glad that something like your products exists for people who need them like me. I just registered as a member but I had previously bought your products as a non-registered customer. Thanks for your concern, and well I just hope my Aloe Vera Forte+ gets here soon! Thanks sincerely,

Customer, United Kingdom
I purchased this product 2 years ago when I was going on holiday for the summer. I suffer with extreme sweating on my face.
I started using the product a week before I went on holiday and during my holiday and I swear I did not sweat one bit, my face was completely dry it was abit abnormal. But I loved the product and I wuold buy more. I am still using the same one I purchased 2 years ago as you do not need alot to apply for it to be affective.
Happy customer :-)

Customer, United States of America
My sister in Germany came to visit me last fall. She had sweat stop forte with her and ofcourse i as
k her what she is using it for.. Well I have problems with sweating very bad and I used everything .
Ban ,Degree any many more . What ever came I try it. But nothing helped until my sister let me use
her sweat stop and from then on no more sweaty armpits and i can wear my favorite shirts again.
Thanks a million and i told a lot of people in america about your wonderful product....

Customer, United Kingdom
You guys are amazing, THANKS A MILL!!!!
life changing :)

Customer, United Kingdom
Dear All,
I received the replacement order yesterday. Thank you for your generous offer for payment. If you would be kind enough to let me know the precise figure and how to pay I will settle up as soon as possible.
I\'ll be recommending you to my friends for your excellent customer care and products.
Thank you.

Customer, Germany
Thank you so much, I just tried it once and the next day, I went out, which would usually already make me sweat like hell, but I didn't sweat a drop. And today at work, where I am wearing a blouse would be drained in sweat under my armpits only after 10 minutes, but there was nealry nothing. I was so happy and confident, and I think the customers at the shop I work for surely notice that and would of course feel much better in a shop, where the employees also feel comfortable.

I'm just still thinking about buying somehting for my face, because that is another problem, though not even nearly as importand as the other problem, that is now, thanks to you, solved.

Customer, United Kingdom
Oh my goodness! It works! Thanks you sooo much! I'm placing an order for a friend of mine who has the same problem!

Customer, USA
About one week ago my life was completely changed. For better off course. Last monday i received my SS forte plus+ and couldn't wait to try it out. Allready after the first application my excesive axallary sweat was gone!! The only thing i can say is THANK YOU!!MILLION TIMES!!!!Finally i can go out without

thinking about it.

There is one thing i want to ask you. For now i'm applying it every second day,but because of it's strong effect i would like to try to apply it every third or even fourth day? Later maybe even once a week? What do you think about it ? Could i try it out that way,and if it doesn't work(if the sweat appears again) i could allways return to old pattern of applying it every second night.D o you have some experience(from your customers offcourse) of this way applying it? I think everybody is individual and must find the best

way for himherself.

Once again THANKS and hope to hear from you soon!

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