What is an anti-perspirant?

An Anti-perspirant is topically applied to the skin to inhibit or reduce perspiration. Unlike a deodorant which only fights the bacteria responsible for body odor, an anti-perspirant narrows down the sweat glands which leads to a reduced sweating. An anti-perspirant can have different strengths. Most products calling themselves anti-perspirants do not contain enough aluminium salts to deal with the perspiration. Thus when purchasing an anti-perspirant you have to make sure that it will be strong enough for your perspiration. Moreover, you have to make sure that the products are skin-friendly. Additives like panthenol or aloe vera ensure a smooth application and should always be among the ingredients of an anti-perspirant. In order for an anti-perspirant to be effective it is essential to stick to the proper application. Antiperspirant

Application of an anti-perspirant

An anti-perspirant has to be applied just before going to bed on dry and clean skin. In the following hours after applying the product anything that could enhance perspiration should be avoided as this would hinder the solution to permeate the skin. For a long-lasting effect, the anti-perspirant should be applied every 2 or 3 days. In general the full effect unfolds after 1 to 3 applications.

SweatStop® anti-perspirants

SweatStop® anti-perspirants are effective products against sweating. They contain up to a maximum percentage of aluminium salts to inhibit perspiration. Additives like aloe vera and panthenol ensure that the application is smooth to the skin. The products are available in different strengths. Also offered are sprays, lotions or roll-ons. There is a SweatStop® anti-perspirant for every individual need.

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