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Is it unsound to prevent the secretion of sweat?

Sweating is a totally normal and essential process. The body produces sweat to cool down and to regulate its temperature. Perspiration is controlled by the body’s autonomic nervous system. In some cases this system has a dysfunction and produces more sweat than necessary to keep the body at a constant temperature. For those skin areas, an application of antiperspirants, such as SweatStop®, would be conceivable.

Aluminium compounds such as SweatStop® seal the sweat glands temporarily and can thus be used against local sweating. Antiperspirants only affect the surface and do not get into the blood circulation of the body. (Take note: The right application and safety instructions). One part of the sweat exudes through the liver, whereby the other part finds its way to the skin through several sweat channels, where it evaporates fast and odourless from alternative skin areas. Whenever antiperspirants like SweatStop® are applied to skin areas like armpits, no compensatory sweating will occur, since the armpits only represent only 1% of the body’s sweat.

Aluminium compounds are non-hazardous to health in any way. All SweatStop® products have been dermatologically tested and were rated as "very good".

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