Excessive Sweating

Excessive Sweating – Is a strong Anti-perspirant always effective?

Excessive Sweating Antiperspirants with a high aluminium chloride percentage inhibit excessive sweating. This is almost always working. Therefore, such an antiperspirant does help against e.g. underarm sweat but only if applied correctly (before going to bed on dry and clean skin). Applying the product correctly is crucial. If not perceiving any improvement, this is often not linked to excessive sweating, as often falsely supposed, nor is it linked to a weak product, but very often it is linked to not properly applying the product.

Excessive Sweating – Causes when the effect doesn’t take place

The key to success against perspiration is the the correct application of antiperspirants. We found that often customers concerned thought they had applied the product properly but it frequently wasn’t the case - Antiperspirants are not applied like deodorants. An Antiperspirant is based on aluminium chloride and needs to be applied on clean and dry skin, before going to bed in order to be able to stop excessive sweating. Should the skin be humid during the time of application, the anti-perspirant cannot develop any effect. A hot summer night or increased humidity can influence whether an antiperspirant is effective or not. In these cases excessive sweating might not be decreased, because the product didn’t have the chance to enter the skin. Excessive Sweating antiperspirant

Excessive Sweating – Clarification

Persons affected are not always aware of this problem and often do not use antiperspirants properly, which leads to sweating often remaining unchanged. If this happens after the initial purchase of an antiperspirant, it is often thrown away. It’s a pity if excessive sweating does not get better because of lack of knowledge. The key to success is applying the product correctly. Only when applying antiperspirants as required, persons affected can experience significant betterment.

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