Hyperhidrosis Momentous Disease

What is hyperhdrosis?

When a level is reached where far more sweat is produced than would be necessary to maintain the body temperature this is called hyperhidrosis. This excessive sweating can affect the whole body (general hyperhidrosis) or just appear locally (local hyperhidrosis).

Hyperhdrosis in our society

It is assumed that more than 1% of the western population is suffering from hyperhidrosis. Perspiration is a vital function that is needed to keep the body temperature stable. If sweating is strongly reduced the medical term is anhidrosis. On the other hand, if the body is sweating more than necessary the correct term is hyperhidrosis. Often hyperhidrosis is underestimated. People that are affected by hyperhidrosis suffer in both - their social and professional life. &xnbsp; Often the consequence of suffering from hyperhidrosis is social stigmatization. They feel ashamed and do not feel tolerated by the people surrounding them. Therefore, psychological problems can arise. In some cases this even results in complete social isolation.

Measures against hyperhidrosis

There is no real hyperhidrosis treatment - no cure - but there are different measures that bring about relief for people suffering from hyperhidrosis. It starts with proper nutrition. Sweets, spicy food and coffee for instance should be avoided. The consumption of sage tee improves the situation as it has sweat inhibiting properties. Alcohol and cigarettes should be avoided also. Betterment when suffering from hyperhdrosis can also be achieved by doing sports on a regular basis. The body learns when to sweat and when not to. Another measure to cope with hyperhidrosis would be the use of an effective anti-perspirant. Antiperspirants based on aluminium salts for instance are available. They need to be applied before going to bed on dry and clean skin. The effect unfolds after only 1-3 applications. Betterment when suffering from hyperhidrosis can be reached through using an antiperspirant.

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