There are lots of measures against perspiration

Which measure does really help though?

The search for measures against perspiration starts off by asking friends, browsing the internet and informing yourself in pharmacies or drugstores. There is a huge offer. Differences among products against perspiration are not always obvious. Neither are their advangtages and disadvantages.

Products with Natural Ingredients or Products based on Aluminium Salts?

Products against perspiration with natural ingredients might improve the situation. However, persons suffering from strong perspiration will most likely need a stronger product. Anti-perspirants containing aluminium salts are ideal for such cases. Different products stop sweating are offered on the market. Generally you can assume that the higher the concentration of aluminium salts, the more effective the anti-perspirant. However, there is a 20% limit. Higher concentrations donít lead to further improvement. The effectiveness can be optimized with special compositions and special ingredients lead to the product being skin-friendly. Products against perspiration containing aluminium salts are risk-free. This is confirmed by institutes like the FDA and cancer associations. Underarm Sweat Stop Sweating

SweatStop®: An Anti-perspirant based on Aluminium Salts

SweatStop® Anti-perspirants are products against perspiration. They contain aluminium salts and additives like Aloe Vera and panthenol that guarantee a skin-friendly and smooth application. SweatStop® offers a vast and unique product range and thus has solutions for every individual need, from regular to excessive perspiration.

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