Strong Antiperspirant

Take a strong antiperspirant: No more sweating!

Strong Antiperspirant

SweatStop® strong antiperspirants are very effective

You want to dance again without sweating excessively all over your body? You want to walk without the hassle of sweating under your feet? You want to show up at professional appointments without your hands sweating? Is your sweating problem affecting your whole body or is maybe just your face sweating? No matter which sweating problem you are affected by - if you want to enjoy life without sweating - SweatStop® is your solution. We provide not only a mild but also a strong antiperspirant. It is not a deodorant, but a very effective strong antiperspirant. It reliably fights not only the smell, but the formation of sweat itself. Even heavy sweating can be stopped. Crucial for the success of all SweatStop® products, and especially our strong antiperspirant, is their/its proper application. Unlike a deodorant, which is applied in the morning, you should apply the strong antiperspirant at night before bedtime. Throughout your sleep your body perspires less and the ingredients in our products and our strong antiperspirant have/has a much more significant effect. Other advantages of inhibiting sweat with a SweatStop® strong antiperspirant are avoidance of odor, skin irritation, blistering, or infections, such as the famous athlete's foot. After just one or two applications of the SweatStop® strong antiperspirant, the success is already noticeable.

Different products for different kinds of sweating

SweatStop® offers a uniquely broad range of products. Are you looking for a cure to stop excessive sweating under your armpits? Do you need a strong antiperspirant to stop the sweating on your hands or feet? Or is your sweating maybe occurring on the back of your head? We have the right solution for almost every individual problem. All products are also available for heavy sweating with higher concentrations of sweat-inhibiting ingredients, such as our strong antiperspirant. Our products and our strong antiperspirant are manufactured in Germany and are all assessed and evaluated as 'skin-friendly' by the German Institute Dermatest®.

SweatStop® antiperspirants and sweating

You have not yet found an effective solution against sweating? You have not found a strong antiperspirant? Do the existing products not work or did they maybe not help you in particular? Discover the SweatStop® strong antiperspirant to stop sweating! You want to buy a SweatStop® product or particularly SweatStop®ís strong antiperspirant? If you want to learn more about the SweatStop® strong antiperspirant, then check out our guide!

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