Testing SweatStop® Antiperspirants

Sweat reduction confirmed by experts

A medical assessment by specialists of the institute DERMATEST® GmbH, which is in charge of rating and comparing products, confirms the effectiveness of SweatStop® and its sweatinhibting properties. In DERMATEST's final report on SweatStop® it states that, after 17 days of application, the preparation has essentially reduced the formation of sweat significantly. The subjects were all physically active, but still a significant reduction of sweat - even while physically active - could be observed. The subjects in the study the reduction of sweat under their armpits averages at 73.75%! This means people were sweating four times less! The study proved that SweatStop® antiperspirants are very effective products against sweat. Sweat

Sweat reduction is proved

You are looking for an anti-perspirant against sweat? You would like to sweat at hands, feet or underarms effectively? Then SweatStop® could be a solution for you! Many customers claim to found the best antiperpirant on the market. Sweating is a function indispensable to life. If the human body is confronted with heat it starts cooling. 3 million sweat glands on the human body provide for this cooling effect and keep the body from superheating. However, some persons sweat more than necessary to cool the body. Where a deodorant fails to work, a SweatStop® anti-perspirant can produce relief and combat the formation of sweat. The application of mineral salts against sweat has been known for a long time. SweatStop® contains aluminum salts that help inhibiting the formation of sweat by reducing the size of the sweat glands. Beyond the reliable effect, the new formula containing additives like panthenol and aloe vera provides for a smooth application.

SweatStop® and Sweat

SweatStop® are antiperspirants offered by Functional Cosmetics Company AG. It is our mission to help persons suffering from excessive sweating by offering products reducing the formation of sweat. Proximity to customers is our priority. Every individual sweats to a different degree and from different parts of the body. The challenge of our company concept is to find a solution and thus offer a product for every individual. Please have a look at our testimonials.

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