Goodbye Sweating!


SweatStop® - effective antiperspirants

Would you like to go out again - without sweating? Would you like to go hiking without your feet sweating. Would you like to shake your business partner’s hands with a dry feeling? Are you suffering from facial sweating or even sweating on the entire body? Enjoying life without sweating is possible! SweatStop® is not a deodorant but an effective antiperspirant. It does not only neutralise odor, but also reliably inhibits sweating. The proper application of SweatStop® is the most important step to success. Other than a deodorant which is applied in the morning, antiperspirants like SweatStop® need to be applied on dry and clean skin before going to bed. The body is not sweating actively at night, thus the solution can permeate the skin without being “washed away”. SweatStop® does not only inhibit sweating, but also protects against odor, skin irritation, blistering or infections like the famous athlete's foot. After one or two applications the full effect starts unfolding.

Different products for different needs

SweatStop® offers a vast and unique product range with antiperspirants against sweating. Are you sweating under your armpits? Or are you looking for a remedy against sweating on the hands, feet, the back or the forehead? A suitable solution for any individual need is offered. The products are effective for different types of sweating and are available in different strengths. All products are manufactured in Germany and were tested and rated “very good on skin” by DERMATEST® GmbH.

Have you found an effective solution against sweating? Discover SweatStop® antiperspirants against sweating!

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