Sweaty Hands

Sweaty Hands

What can be done about Sweaty Hands?

Social Exclusion

There is a high number of sweat glands on the palms of each person. Therefore, lots of people suffering from sweating, complain about sweaty hands. This is not only a physical burden, but can particularly become a psychological one. An extreme but frequent possible consequence of sweaty hands can be social exclusion.

Professional Consequences

Sweaty palms can lead to unpleasant consequences. Sweaty hands do not only affect privacy but also the professional life. Sweaty hands can trigger numerous disadvantages. Imagine having an important presentation and your hands start sweating. Worse, imagine showing up to a job interview and greeting your interviewer with sweaty hands... In the worst case this can turn out to be a job killer - Sweaty hands lead many people to judging the affected person as incompetent or insecure. Of course, this is not the truth, but unfortunately perception doesn’t care about the truth.

No more Sweaty Hands

SweatStop® offers a suitable solution for this very problem. SweatStop® Instant is a lotion that inhibits sweating instantly and dries the palms for 1-3 hours. The skin colored lotion does not stand out. If you no longer want to suffer from sweaty hands, SweatStop® Instant should definitely be the product of your choice!

Is SweatStop® Instant an antiperspirant?

Yes and no! SweatStop® Instant is a lotion based on talc, specially developed against sweaty hands. Contrary to an anti-perspirant SweatStop® Instant has an instant effect. An anti-perspirant always needs to be applied before going to bed on dry and clean skin. After 2-3 applications the full effect unfolds. Note: SweatStop® Instant against sweaty hands is often used in combination with the antiperspirant SweatStop® Forte max. This leads to even better results.

Are you suffering from sweaty hands and did not find a product that actually works yet? SweatStop® Instant in combination with SweatStop® Forte plus+ will essentially improve your situation. Sweaty hands will no longer bother you!