Unwanted transpiration and measures against it

Excessive transpiration

In today’s society transpiration is perceived as being unpleasant. The odor linked to transpiration and stains on clothing are not really tolerated. Persons concerned by transpiration feel ashamed. Often, this causes psychological problems. Serious consequences might result from this. It can even end up in a social phobia and contact to others is completely avoided. If the self-confidence of a victim of transpiration is affected to an extent that he/she doesn’t see a way out, something needs to and can be done about it…

What can be done about transpiration?

There are different ways to reduce transpiration or even inhibit it entirely. Surgical interventions like the sweat gland removal are a possibility. With this procedure, the biggest part of the sweat glands can be removed. Temporarily this produces relief. However, in most cases transpiration returns after several years as the sweat glands start reproducing. Generally conservative measures against transpiration should be taken first. Therefore, trying out an antiperspirant is a measure which should be taken before surgery is taken into consideration. Transpiration

What is an antiperspirant?

Effective antiperspirants are based on aluminium salts. Other than conventional deodorants, antiperspirants do not just cover body odor but really inhibit transpiration. Antiperspirants need to be applied before going to bed on dry and clean skin. This is essential in order for them to unfold their effect and inhibit transpiration.

Can an anti-perspirant be dangerous?

Oftentimes antiperspirants, with their transpiration inhibiting qualities, are accused of being dangerous. However, this is absolutely not the case. The ingredients of an antiperspirant do not get into the blood stream and only take effect superficially. All scientific research about transpiration and antiperspirants confirm this. (e.g. the FDA or the Dermatest® GmbH)

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