Can I apply SweatStop® antiperspirants without concern?

Yes. SweatStop® is safe and non-hazardous to health. Pay attention to the right application procedure and safety notes.

Discussions about the safety of antiperspirants containing aluminium salts are very present in the media at the moment. People assume that breast cancer or Alzheimer’s are a possible result of the use of antiperspirants containing aluminium salts. However, these statements are not based on scientific facts. Up to today there is no scientifc study proving a connection between breast cancer / Alzheimer’s and the application of antiperspirants containing aluminium salts.

Cosmetics containing aluminium compounds are successfully used as antiperspirants globally and can be sold without any restrictions. Food contains aluminium naturally (e.g. potatoes) or as food additives. Internationally acknowledged institutes grade them as harmless. The EU cosmetics regulation within the EU cosmetics law, as well as the Departments of Health ensure the safety of the products. Moreover, all cosmetics succumb a comprehensive regulation with safety tests and valuations and also scientific analysis.

The American Cancer Society and the German Cancer Research Centre exclude an increased breast cancer risk when using cosmetics containing aluminium compounds. Furthermore, no relation between the disease Alzheimer’s and the usage of aluminium-containing products could be observed, the World Health Organization states in their Report No. 194 of its International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS).

Following acknowledged (independent) consumer institutes confirm the harmlessness of aluminium salt containing deodorants and antiperspirants and provide further information:

If you still want to dispense with antiperspirants containing aluminium salts, there are alternatives such as functional undershirts with integrated sweat protection, underarm sweat pads or iontophoresis devices. Click here to get to know more about our alternative range.