Extent & Localisation

  • overall: secretion of sweat on the whole body
  • focally: local secretion of sweat   


  • Anhidrosis: strongly diminished or totally missing secretion of sweat 
  • Hypohidrosis: diminished secretion of sweat 
  • Normhidrosis: secretion of sweat not going beyond or below the necessary extent for heat regulation
  • Hyperhidrosis: excessive secretion of sweat

Quantitative Classification

This chart exemplyfies the quantitative classification of the severity of hyperhidrosis with regard to its localisation.

I quickly sweat
with little effort
I sweat without
physical effort
My clothes are
Little effort already
evokes sweating
and humidity of
skin is increased
Perspiration without
any physical effort and
formation of beads of perspiration
Clothes are drenched and sweat drips off
Degree 1
Slight hyperhidrosis 
Degree 2
Moderate hyperhidrosis 
Degree 3
Strong hyperhidrosis 


Increased sweating
Frequent sweating
Dripping beads of perspiration 


Underarm pit stains with 2-4 inches
(5-10 cm) diameter
(on T-shirts)
Underarm pit stains with 4-8 inches
(10-20 cm) diameter 
(on T-shirts)
Underarm pit stains of over 8 inches
(20 cm) diameter
(on T-shirts) 


Increased sweating
Frequent sweating
My clothes are drenched
Increased sweating
Frequent sweating
Sweating on back of fingers and toes, just like on the side of feet and hands
Source: www.derma.de