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Recommended if you have sensitive skin and tend to sweat, even without physical exertion. SweatStop® Aloe Vera Sensitive stops sweat and odor efficiently. Moreover it provides for a gentle skin care and a 24 to 48 hour active protection.
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50 ml | 33,80 €/100 ml
Product Intensity (0-23): 8
Product number: 9011
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SweatStop® IXAL Roll-on normalises excessive sweating and combats sweat odor. For use in lasting, severe axillary sweat & axillary hyperhidrosis. Gentle to the skin, it actively repairs and protects. With the worldwide patented active ingredient F.A.G.®.
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50 ml | 49,80 €/100 ml
Product Intensity (0-23): 13
Product number: 9771
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