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Cable for the Use of SweatStop® Iontophoresis DE20 – Accessories

Accessories for the application of SweatStop® Iontophoresis.

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Cable set for SweatStop® Iontophoresis DE20 against hyperhidrosis

1 cable set for SweatStop® Iontophoresis DE20.


You can download the instruction manual here. Therein you can find further information concerning the SweatStop® iontophoresis device.

Further Information

Iontophoresis on tap water basis is a continuous current therapy to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) at hands, feet and underarms (hyperhidrosis palmaris, plantaris und axillaris). In this process the nerves are exposed to a weak current which appeases them and in turn leads to a reduced sweating.

For the treatment two tubs are filled with water and each one is provided with an electric conductor. The hands respectively feet are then dunked into the water and exposed to a weak continuous current; they are the electric conductor that closes the electric circuit over the body. For the application underarms damped sponge bags are used instead of water tubs.

A weak current does generally not lead to better results, exaggerated strengths of current are thus not necessary.

The treatment needs to be conducted on a daily basis until the effect takes place; then it can be conducted every 1-3 days. The duration of treatment is 20 minutes. First effects normally appear after only a few applications.