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Lots of people suffer from excessive perspiration particularly in the armpits, which is referred to as axillary hyperhidrosis. The further development and refinement of techniques where sweat glands are sucked off, brings large easement to persons concerned.

The suction of sweat glands in the armpits has only been implemented for a few years now in a few centers. Until now, the operation technique using a sharp curette showed complications or high relapse quotes over and over again, in order that the intervention had to be repeated. Moreover, the use of canulas, which are used for liposuctions as well, revealed difficulties concerning this operation.

The relapse quote was able to be lowered noteably by the refininement and development of techniques and through the introduction of new special canulas. Possible complications are rather small. They become apparent e.g. as small bruises and hardenings in the axillary area, which reform after short time though.

The minimally invasive operation is conducted with a so-called local tumescence-anaesthesia. Thus it is an ambulatory operation. To access the operating area, only two small incisions below and above the armpit are needed. Subsequently, after softening the tissue by the tumescence dilution, the sweat glands are sucked off. The small surgical incisions are taped and a pressure bandage is applied. The post-operational swelling subsides after few days.

Generally, patients can return to everyday life directly after the operation. However, it is recommendable to take at least one or two days off after the operation, also to be able to conduct possibly required control examinations.

After the operation the armpits are quasi dry, as the sweat glands have already been sucked off. The sucked off sweat glands do not regenerate. Compensatory sweating at other localisations of the body does not arise. Only the neural supply of remaining sweat glands can regenerate again. Hence in the course of time a very light perspiration can recur. 
If preventive measures and external treatment methods like for instance antiperspirants do not bring about the success hoped for, the suction of sweat glands may be taken into consideration.