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Functional Cosmetics Company AG

About us and our values

About us

We – Stefan Menzi and Brice Ulich – founded Functional Cosmetics Company AG in 2006. Today, we are represented by an office in Muttenz (Switzerland) and a dispatch warehouse in Lörrach (Germany).

To begin with, we primarily specialised in the field of "heavy sweating". Our range includes a complete assortment of antiperspirants, shirts with built-in armpit pads, single-use armpit pads, fabric armpit pads, odour-eating insoles, functional socks and iontophoresis devices.

We now also focus on ear, nose and throat (ENT) products and oncological preparations. The assortment now includes over 20 brands and 150 items. In addition to medical products, it also contains cosmetics and textiles. SweatStop®, SweatStop® IXAL, a-per© and Funvital© are some of our own brands that we make and distribute ourselves. What’s more, we’re the exclusive distribution partner for selected brands such as EVERDRY®, OTOSAN®, BLOCMEN®, AgainLife® and MANJANA®. 

Our products are mainly sold through pharmacies and online. We also distribute our own brands in numerous countries with local partners. We operate a streamlined work process from our office in Muttenz, where we supply customers from Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein from. Customers from Europe receive our products from our dispatch warehouse in Lörrach, Germany.

To ensure that our assortment of products is of a high quality, we work closely with dermatologists, oncologists and other practitioners, who always recommend our highly effective products with firm conviction after testing them themselves.

Our values

We are absolutely committed to ensuring customer satisfaction above everything else, and that’s why we continue supporting our customers even after they’ve made their purchase. Satisfied customers become regular customers and recommend us to other people. Taking this approach has proven worthwhile, which is why we offer a trilingual service.

We take responsibility for the environment and animals.

Our products mainly come from Germany, Switzerland and Italy, so we can shorten transport routes. Whenever possible, we refrain from using outer packaging, use our shipping boxes several times or use boxes made of recycled paper. It’s quite possible that you’ll receive your order in used boxes. We provide you with fairtrade products that aren’t tested on animals.

To ensure we can offer our customers high-quality and innovative products, we focus on continuous development supported by experts. We want to offer the best at reasonable prices in our market segment. The road we’ve travelled so far has been an exciting and successful one. But we’d like to keep our eyes and ears open and remain capable of learning, so we can continue attaining both small and large achievements for our customers in the future, too.

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