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sweating shirtSweating is a completely normal and essential process. For this function, the human body is equipped with more than 3 million sweat glands. They are located in the armpits, on the palms and under the soles of the feet.
On a daily basis, the human body secretes at least half a liter of sweat. With intense physical effort or heat, the body can even lose several liters of liquid every day. Perspiration can affect certain areas of the body such as the armpits, palms and feet or even the whole body.
Perspiration is controlled by a part of our vegetative nervous system. In some individuals this system works on too high a level, far more than necessary to keep the body temperature constant. This disorder (hyperhidrosis) is hidden by many people concerned and misjudged by doctors. People affected by hyperhidrosis can end up in a vicious circle, which can lead to a never-ending life of suffering. 
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