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There are two different kinds of secretion produced by the sweat glands. The "eccrine glands" produce secretion which is relatively fluid and odorless. The "apocrine sweat-glands" in contrast are characterized by bad odor. This smell is due to the decomposition of sweat through bacteria which bring out degradation products. This process is responsible for the development of individual body odor.

Just like excessive secretion, the smell can become a burden for persons concerned. Not only the high rate of secretion bothers the patients. Additionally, an undesirable formation of intensive odor can come along, which aggravates the situation.
In the context of hyperhidrosis, this form of disease represents a further sub-group, from which persons concerned have to suffer from. The term “bromhidrosis” means “stinking sweat”. It permeates each aspect of life and hence substantially affects the quality of life.

Psychological consequences of body odor

Persons suffering from bromhidrosis are afflicted with psychological consequences. The obtrusive smell is generally perceived as a lack of hygiene. Despite washing themselves several times a day, persons concerned are stigmatized and condemned as unclean. Social distance is the serious consequence of bromhidrosis. The so-called apocrine sweat is the cause for the obtrusive smell, which is secreted by special sweat glands. These apocrine glands are located in the axillary and genital area and start developing at the onset of puberty.

Apocrine sweat is completely natural. At first this sweat is odorless on the skin surface. Within a short time however, bacterial decomposition generates products such as fatty acids and ammoniac, which then leads to the pungent and partially sour smell. The smell problem of concerning can kindle itself psychologically in such a manner that a bromhidrosis phobia, similarly to Hyperhidrosis phobia, can arise. Persons concerned fear that they are smelling. They see for themselves that they have bad body odor and finally think that they “stink”.