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There is no specific pharmaceutical that exclusively reduces perspiration. Psychotropic substances (usually tranquilizers) or anticholinergics are frequently used on trial. Because the side effects are often insufferable before an acceptable result concerning a reduced perspiration is achieved, this treatment is rarely tolerated by the patients. Therefore, this therapy is principally not to be recommended.
In rare cases with prevailing hyperhidrosis of the trunk or with diffuse hyperhidrosis, a low dosed anticholinergic can be used on trial which can lead to a slight reduction of ailments without side effects (dry mouth, accommodation problems while reading, dysfunction of bladder; cave glaucoma) becoming unbearable.

Concerning secondary hyperhidrosis, the underlying illness should firstly be treated. Patients, who suffer from prostate cancer and are going through a hormonal treatment (LHRH-analogues) or have been through one (castration), can experience an easement through effective antiestrogen pharmaceuticals (e.g. cyproterone acetate).