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Can I combine SweatStop® antiperspirants with lead water iontophoresis?

No. Tap water iontophoresis (abbreviated LWI) is a long-tried and proven method for the reduction of hand, foot, face and armpit sweat. It is designed for use with pure water. The effect mechanism is not fully known, but it is assumed that it compares to the effects of the salt contained in aluminum-antiperspirants: The canals of the sweat glands leading to outside of the skin are temporarily clogged by coagulation of proteins.

Aluminum salt-containing antiperspirants have been used for centuries to reduce the formation of perspiration. The solution narrows the sweat glands in upper skin layers. If an aluminum-salt-containing solution were added to the iontophoresis bath, the active ingredients which would otherwise be harmless on the upper skin layers would enter deeper layers of the skin and thereby also enter the blood circulation. This should be avoided by any means! The effect of combining both approaches are not known, since there is no empirical data on this.

We strongly advise against using the tap water iontophoresis combined with aluminum salt-containing additives.