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SweatStop® Iontophoresis Device for the Treatment of Hyperhidrosis

SweatStop® Iontophoresis is a constant current therapy device for the treatment of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) at hands, feet, underarms or at the face.

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Iontophoresis against hyperhidrosis of the hands, feet, armpits and face

SweatStop® Iontophoresis is a constant current therapy device with pulsating and constant current for tab water iontophoresis to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) on hands, feet, underarms or facial hyperhidrosis (hyperhidrosis palmaris, plantaris, axillaris, facialis). SweatStop® Iontophoresis generally reduces sweating and therefore odour after only a few applications.

Advantages of SweatStop® Iontophoresis

  • Pulsating or constant current: Depending on the individual, the one or the other kind of current is more efficient.
  • No foot switch needed: As soon as hands or feet are dipped into the water, the current slowly increases to the preset strength. Therefore, no foot switch is needed (as for most devices on the market).
  • No electric shock: Due to the slow increase of the current after dipping the hands into the water, an electric shock is not possible.   
  • Secure application: The device can only be run by battery. While charging the battery, the device cannot be used.
  • Strong battery: A battery charge remains for 30-50 applications (1-3 months). The battery lasts for about 1000  charging cycles (3-6 years).   
  • Handy and convenient: The tubs for hands and feet also provide the compact transport case; the device is therefore perfect to go. The battery does not need to be taken out for charging.
  • Use on different areas of the body: Special accessories enable use on hands, feet, armpits, face, head, forehead and neck.
  • Accessories for reorder: The accessories can easily be reordered in our shop.
  • Ideal for on the go: SweatStop® Iontophoresis comes in a practical case (external dimensions: 340 x 275 x 83 mm, internal dimensions: 326 x 222 x 77 mm).

Scope of supply

  • SweatStop® Iontophoresis control unit
  • Power supply unit
  • Instruction manual
  • Carrying case / tub

IMPORTANT, please additionally order following accessories depending on the desired application area:

Use of SweatStop® Iontophoresis

You can download the instruction manual here. Therein you can find further information concerning the SweatStop® iontophoresis device.

More Information on the iontophoresis treatment

Iontophoresis on tap water basis is a continuous current therapy to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) at hands, feet, underarms or at the face (hyperhidrosis palmaris, plantaris, axillaris, facialis). In this process the nerves are exposed to a weak current which appeases them and in turn leads to a reduced sweating.

For the treatment two tubs are filled with water and each one is provided with an electric conductor. The hands respectively feet are then dunked into the water and exposed to a weak continuous current; they are the electric conductor that closes the electric circuit over the body. For the application underarms damped sponge bags are used instead of water tubs.

A weak current does generally not lead to better results, exaggerated strengths of current are thus not necessary.

The treatment needs to be conducted on a daily basis until the effect takes place; then it can be conducted every 1-3 days. The duration of treatment is 20 minutes. First effects normally appear after only a few applications.


IMPORTANT, please additionally order following accessories depending on the desired application area:

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