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Dermatitis / Skin Irritation 

Through steady humid skin day-to-day motion can lead to a scraping of the skin, which in turn can evoke skin irritation.
However, skin irritation can also underlie bacterial inflammation, if the skin is constantly exposed to humidity. Due to the increased sweating the skin and specially the callus, can soften; thereby pathogenic germs can permeate easier into the skin. Moreover, mycosis can arise and evoke skin irritation. This can bear itching or redness. Furthermore skin diseases like for instance dermatitis can underlie this cause.
Inflammations especially appear in the armpits. This is due to the considerably lower pH-value of the sweat in this localization. It s much less acidic and therefore provides less protection against bacterial inflammation.
Skin irritation frequently is not visible with the naked eye which is malicious; persons concerned are hindered to determine inflammation at all.
Persons affected by inflammation generally have problems to free from increased sweating. Every application leads to itching…Nevertheless it is possible to get out of this vicious circle. Find out more here.

Psychological and Sociological Outcomes

Persons suffering from increased sweating are limited in their daily course of life. They feel unwell in their own body and in their drenched clothes. Displeasing pit stains add to this situation and significantly restrain persons concerned in their choice of clothes. 
The disease leads to shame and embarrassment, which results in restraint respectively avoidance of social contacts. Persons concerned more and more shun their fellow men, which can lead to complete isolation by and by. This condition is the origin of other psychical problems.
The exertion of certain professions and activities for which especially hands are requested, frequently are hindered or even refused to persons suffering from hyperhidrosis. Persons concerned suffer heavily from this disease, even though it physically does not come across that severe.